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Seasonal Juice and Cleanse | Winter

Throughout the winter months when the when air begins to feel that cold chill, our inner digestive fire cranks up a notch and we are naturally more hungry. Our bodies’ habitual tendency is to crave richer, albeit satisfying, ‘comfort’ foods; these being heavier and more resistant to digestion.

Being in tune with our digestive system, particularly during the colder months, is hugely beneficial to our health function, immunity, mood and well-being. Our need for a certain internal temperature to function in winter is characteristic of all mammals, as we use up more energy by exciting our muscles and shivering to keep warm. Similarly, when we are consuming large amounts of heavy food our bodies are in a a state of constant digestion leaving little time for restoration or energy conservation. Ultimately, other functions are sacrificed and our immune system is weakened.

Getting hit with the flu or a nasty head cold seems almost inevitable during winter. Stress and strain on body functions, irregular exercise and poor food choices can all contribute to poor health. The drying, chilled air of winter and dense foods can leave our bodies dehydrated and craving nourishment, it is therefore important to replenish the body with sources of zinc, vitamin C, protein, antioxidants and low sugar for immunity and strength.

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Winter is the best time to build up and nurture body systems including your stomach, liver, kidneys, skin, hair and mind. And what better way to achieve this than a detoxifying juice cleanse. Cleansing during the winter months is an opportune time to give our digestive systems a break and restore with some TLC. It is a time of hibernation and rest, and while the appeal of doing a juice cleanse may not be as enticing as in warmer seasons, there is no better time to channel our energy and be conscious about our food consumption.

By combining healing and protective roots and spices like ginger, cinnamon, cayenne and clove, along with low fructose, seasonal produce such as fennel, peppers, zucchini and oranges, we have created a winter cleanse to aid in detoxification and to encourage internal warmth and immunity repair.

Warm herbal teas are a great addition to a cleanse keeping the body hydrated and providing some extra warmth. Long, warm baths, yoga and the use of saunas complement a winter cleanse by aiding the cleanse process. Not only do these practices evoke sweating and natural flushing out of toxins, but the increased heat causes rapid production of white blood cells that fight against virus and infections.

So, whether your body is craving a more rigorous and intense cleanse, or simply additional nutrients in your diet to give your immune system a boost, everyone can benefit from a little extra digestive support and nourishment during the cold winter months!


[Brittany Hanson | Pressed Earth]

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