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Why does Spring Cleansing make us feel our best?

1. Energy

We want to go into summer with a “Spring” in our step don’t we? Sluggishness and fatigue are never attractive to anyone, ourselves included. In every cell of your body you have a little energy-producing powerhouse called the mitochondria that produce ATP molecules (energy units). Cleansing enhances energy greatly eliminating the build up of toxins that slow down mitochondrial function.

2. Optimum Gut and Liver Function

They say that the gut is the seat of health and its true. A strong and healthy gut lining with an abundance of friendly bacteria allows you to absorb the maximum amount of nutrients from your food, protects your system from absorbing undigested food molecules, toxic wastes and pathogens (as would occur in a weak gut lining or ‘leaky gut syndrome’), which will keep your immune system balanced and your energy levels high.

3. Weight Loss

With the warmer weather approaching, baring more skin becomes necessary and we may value feeling more confident in a bathing suit. Who doesn’t want to look better naked? Cleansing stimulates weight loss as toxins stored in fat-soluble cells melt away. There is no need for that protective layer of body fat that accompanies toxicity and elevated stress. That’s why weight loss is always that magic bonus on a cleansing program.

4. Immunity

Colds and flus are almost a given in winter. If you have taken a round of antibiotics during these months then it is very likely that your balance of good bacteria has been outweighed by unfriendly and pathogenic bacteria. When your immune system is fighting these pathogens your energy can’t go into making more energy, but rather ends up depleted. A good cleanse will weed out the bad bacteria, seed in the good bacteria, and completely restore your gut microflora to its correct ratios for optimum health and energy production.

5. Glowing Skin

Because toxins and their by-products are harmful chemicals that may affect cellular hydration, the appearance of blemishes can be seen, along with fine lines and wrinkles, facial puffiness, acne, blemishes, clogged pores, and poor skin colour and tone. Cleansing may increase the radiant appearance of skin, and along with its powerful hydration effect from consuming more water than you may normally; your skin may look dewy, fresh, youthful and radiant again.

6. Mood

With the lack of sunlight, vitamin D and melatonin in the darker winter months our moods can get out of balance, and we may resort to stimulants such as alcohol and caffeine to pep up our mood enhancing neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin. Cleansing may aid balance in the body and by providing it with healthy foods and herbs to support eliminations and detoxification and removing the stimulants you may feel a sense of calmness, naturally.

So don’t put off cleansing any longer. Now is the best time to begin!

Savannah Daisley 1/09/2014 post from The Clean Life 

Pressed Staff
Pressed Staff