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It's official we have a new roommate! Clean Slate Skin Care

We’re excited to be stocking this local Perth skincare brand who are conscious, honest and have mad love for what they do… a collab match made in heaven!

We love that Clean Slate is all about transparency and integrity. In this fast paced life its hard to find companies that are genuine and value honesty over just making a quick buck. We dig it. But also they’re super passionate and LOVE what they do! You can see it in every detail, their researched and tested recipes, small batch methods and their simple yet beautifully detailed packaging.

All their small batch soap, skincare and candle range is vegan and made up of sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients and you can pronounce (not chemicals!) and smell pretty epic. 

A passion for natural skincare has led Clean Slate founder Katrina Snowden to devote over a decade to producing simple, natural skincare products, made by and tested on her own hands.

With a background in aromatherapy, natural medicine and cosmetic chemistry, Katrina has honed her craft to create an artisan, vegan skincare range, that won’t irritate sensitive skin. It’s the very definition of skin care.

Every Clean Slate product is made onsite, using 100 per cent natural and naturally derived products, including cold-pressed vegetable oils, locally roasted coffee beans, natural raw ingredients and essential oils from around the world.

Clean Slate products are for everyone – men and women, young and old, those with sensitive skin and those without. Favourites include the energising coffee body scrub made with freshly ground coffee beans, and the organic beard oil.

Pop in an have a browse of the range, it will be totally worth it! 

Pressed Staff
Pressed Staff