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For the final chapter in our #localandhandmade series, the INCREDIBLE Bodhi Tree Surfboards, where we dropped in on head craftsman Greg at his workshop for a chat and a brew. Read on - Greg's passion for his craft and community left us feeling all kinds of inspired

 perth bodhi tree surfboards surf local and handmadeTell us what you do and about the philosophy behind your brand

At Bodhi Tree Surfboards we build and teach people how to build hollow wooden surfboards using locally sustainably grown paulownia. The boards are built as functional boards first and foremost, but also as functional art pieces and eventually heirlooms.

perth bodhi tree surfboards surf local and handmadeBodhi Tree Surfboards was founded on sharing a passion that gives a sense of pride and accomplishment. We’ve created a workshop environment where builders from all walks of life and with all sorts of skill levels can find their groove and create something that will blow their minds

 perth bodhi tree surfboards surf local and handmade

Where do you find inspiration for your art form?

I’m most inspired by human potential and knowing that when we put our minds to something there’s not much we can’t achieve. We only have to extend ourselves a little to grow a lot and I think that’s the greatest asset of our lives, not what we have but who we have become.

Tell us about your morning ritual

My morning ritual is a cup of coffee, some smooth tunes and then a lot of laps around the workshop preparing for the day, sweeping, preparing timber, making sure builds are ready for their builders. This is my time to set the vibe in the shop, my time to remove as many bumps from the day as early as possible.


perth bodhi tree surfboards surf local and handmade

When you need to restore the balance, what's your go-to?

My go to place to restore balance is definitely the ocean, whether for a surf, a swim, or just a stroll, there’s no place like the beach to feel connected again.

What does 'supporting local' mean to you?

I like to think that I’m more of a creator than a consumer, I think this gives me more appreciation for what I consume. I suppose it’s made me a conscious consumer and a big part of that is an appreciation for the work and pride that goes into what I consume personally and at work. I consciously support local business because I know somewhere down the line they are putting themselves on the line to provide something they feel passionate about, whether it’s shopping at the local IGA or using local importers I think there is a strength that flows into community when we support our communities.

perth bodhi tree surfboards surf local and handmade

What's your favourite Pressed Earth brew?

This is a trick question right……?
My past career was in natural medicine and from the moment I became aware of Pressed Earth I’ve always been blown away by the thought, understanding, and philosophy that goes into the Pressed Earth brews. My top three favourites are, Espresso Nuts, omg so delicious, Vitamin See for that tangy zesty wowza sensation, and Greens Two as a gift for my body.

pressed earth cold pressed juice perth bodhi tree surfboards surf local and handmade 


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Pressed Staff