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Most of us need a cuppa to get going in the morning, whether that's a weak, milky tea or a strong, black coffee. We know caffeine isn't great for us in excess, but the boost of a hot drink is too much to resist when you wake up bleary-eyed and feeling less-than-ready for the day ahead! We've got just the thing for you. A range of delicious dairy and caffeine alternatives made with our very own, small batch, cold pressed almond milk

Blue Majik | E3 Live Blue Majik Aquabotanical, lemon, coconut, cayenne 
The striking concoction is brewed by slowly combining active blue algae with ginger and lemon, then dousing the brew with a blend of frothy home made almond mylk and coconut mylk - finishing with a sprinkle of dehydrated beetroot powder. Blue Majik is a proprietary 100% Certified Organic, and chemical free extract of Spirulina, a Nutrient Dense AquaBotanical™. Its stunning blue pigment contains both C-Phycocyanin and non-PC compounds. This drink supports mind and body balance, and the immune, nervous, gastrointestinal and cardiovascular systems.

Beetroot Lattemesquite, ginger, cinnamon, organic beetroot powder
Beetroot fibre has been shown to increase the level of antioxidant enzymes in the body, as well as increase the number of white blood cells, which are responsible for detecting and eliminating abnormal cells. Beets are also one of the richest sources of glutamine, an amino acid, essential to the health and maintenance of the intestinal tract.

Turmeric Latte | Natures Harvest blend of turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, chilli, vanilla, black pepper
It’s the perfect warming pick-me-upCinnamon increases awareness and vitality while reducing fatigue. Cardamom is a mood elevator and detoxifies the body. Ginger, chilli and black pepper help stimulate and support the digestive system, as well as being great at helping overcome sugar cravings.

Matcha Latteceremonial grade matcha powder, agave
Made from a powder, this jade green tea not only looks amazing, it’s great for your body too. It is packed with antioxidants including the powerful EGCg, boosts metabolism and burns calories.

Hot Cacao | cacao, sea salt, dates, almond mylk
This isn’t your regular hot chocolate. By substituting cocoa powder for raw cacao powder, this delicious drink has a significant amount of antioxidants and minerals plus it will boost your mood.

So why not try switching out at least one cup of tea or coffee a day - or be brave and make it your morning one - for one of these beverages? Let us know your favourites!

Pressed Staff
Pressed Staff