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We're super chuffed to have the beauty and the brains behind Clean Slate, Kat Snowden, hosting a FREE workshop in our Claremont shop this month.

Pop on in this Saturday 10 June between 10am - 12pm and get down n' dirty making your very own invigorating coffee scrub to take home. 

Ahead of the workshops, we sat down with Kat and got the down-low on her beautiful brand, her morning rituals, and some of her favourite things about Perth.

Pressed: Tell us about the philosophy behind your brand?

Kat: Clean Slate is all about simplicity, from the way you use the products to the ingredients in each bottle. We like to abide by three overriding philosophies:

  • Honesty, transparency and integrity
  • Purposeful ingredients
  • No animal testing 

I think the main thing that people need to understand about our brand is that we aren’t natural, cruelty free and vegan because it’s a fashionable thing to be. We’re all of those things because you simply don’t need to be anything else to make amazing skincare that actually works. We’ve proven there is no need to have synthetic ingredients, fillers and artificial fragrances, so why would we? And also why should anyone expect anything less in a quality product?

Tell us about your morning ritual...

Ahhh the mornings. I’m a big fan of that snooze button. We usually get acquainted a few too many times in the mornings but once I’m up I’m good to go. Then I’ll head out for a run, followed by breakfast in my garden. I’m giving veganism a good go at the moment but it’s proving harder than I thought! At the moment my go-to is a herbal tea and some homemade hummus on toast.  Then I’m straight into work.  

What are some of the local businesses in Perth that you admire?

Willow & the Bowerbird: These guys are my go-to place for a little retail therapy regardless of what I'm after. They have such a thoughtfully curated range of products and everywhere you look you find something you want.

ILKA: A local fashion brand based in Mt Hawthorn that I love. I pretty much live in their wildflower t-shirt. 

La Paleta: I love these guys; I think the idea is awesome. Who doesn't love ice cream, especially when it's made form local produce and by the awesome Ami.

I also love a night out, and my favourite place would have to be Who's Your Mumma in South Freo or Strange Company in Freo. 

When you need to restore the balance, what's your go-to?

Running. Without it I might loose my mind a little I think. It’s the one time of the day that my mind slows down and I don’t think. Running a small business is chaotic and I’ve usually got a million things going on in my mind at once so this is my chance to take a break from that. There’s something about the rhythm of it and of course the endorphins afterwards.

If I have more time, a hike at Serpentine Falls is another favourite.

What's your favourite place for a weekend get-away? 

I have a friend with a beautiful bush property in Margs and going down there is just like total escapism. It’s so peaceful. We spend the day walking around the property, reading by the lake and having big group cook-ups using produce from his veggie garden.

 Sounds like heaven! Finally, what's your favourite Pressed Earth brew?

It would have to be Autumn Nuts. It’s just so damn tasty. It’s also creamy and it's filling which I love. It’s get this warm and comforting feeling from it.


Thanks Kat, see you in store!




Pressed Staff
Pressed Staff