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We love the change of the seasons, it brings something new, and for us, it means creating recipes and enjoying the new seasonal produce mother nature has provided. On the health front it's a time when we slip out of hibernation and give our mind and body a good spring clean. Over winter we all seem to overindulge more and put on that extra layer of insulation or body fat to protect us from those icy outdoors.

This spring we’re introducing a cleanse with juices that pack a vitamin punch, are delicious and have a quirky twist.

1. spring one: for inflammation
fennel, rocket, zucchini, pear, lime
2. spring two: for antioxidants
watermelon, apple, beetroot, lime, mint
3. greens three: for immunity
kale, kiwi, granny smith apple, cucumber, ginger 
4. appetite: for hunger
lemon, pear, cayenne, mineral water
 5. spring three: for immunity
honeydew, carrot, apple, lime, ginger
 6. spring nuts
almonds, dates, mineral water, Natures Harvest turmeric latte mix


We’ve teamed up with our friends at Natures Harvest to create our last drink of the day, Spring Nuts with their own turmeric mix with cinnamon, cardamon, vanilla, ginger, chilli and black pepper. 

Each of the juices serves a unique purpose to help you restore and cleanse. To have a look at our full range of spring juices head here or feel free to pop into our Claremont store and have a taste.

Happy spring-cleansing folks!

Pressed Staff
Pressed Staff