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We've got a bunch of new things on offer at the Claremont store for this greatly anticipated season of summer sunshine. We've starting making the most deliciously fresh, ice cold slushies which go down a treat after being on the beach all day. Our farmers have had a bumper crop of oranges and watermelon this season so you can find both of those juicy fruits on the slushies menu... a squeeze of lime, a sprig of mint... it just doesn't get more fresh and more local than that! Our slushies are pure, freshly pressed straight up juice - low in calories and no nasties. It will hit the spot and be sure to cool you right now. 

Our very popular range of dairy and caffeine free lattes, made from our home made, small batch cold pressed almond milk, have been turned into something more fitting for the warmer weather... iced lattes are now an option if you would like something a bit cooler for your internal system. 

Our store is open from 7am - 4pm Monday to Friday and 8am - to 4pm on a Saturday. 


Pressed Staff
Pressed Staff