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Three things we're doing this autumn

Autumn is the ultimate season in Perth - the sting of summer has gone and left behind warm sunny days and cool crisp evenings. It relieves us from a long, sunburnt state of mind and brings with it a sense of relief and a time for healing and nourishment. 

Here's how we're making the most of this glorious season at Pressed Earth:

Getting away from it all...

Autumn is a sensory month, where we crave a connection to nature. The depth of colour in the landscape, the rustle of the leaves and the smell of damp earth in the morning calls us outdoors to explore our great state of WA. 

In search of this sensory connection we’re travelling south through the apple orchards of Donnybrook, to the forests of Pemberton. In town, we stop in to Paddock Pop Up Cafe for supplies and coffee from Southern Roasting Co en route to the Southern Forests. 

The region's National Parks offer an abundance of spectacular and quietly beautiful spots to stretch the legs or stop and recharge. We're hitting the trails - there is something deeply humbling and grounding about walking beneath a forest that is hundreds of years old. If adrenaline is more your thing, there's some extreme tree-climbing to be had!

For dining, Foragers is our pick for truly local, seasonal fare (they're speakin' our language). The menu changes weekly according to what's best and fresh locally. 

pressed earth juice cleanse seasonal local health wellness perth cold pressed

The cooler autumn days offer no better time to explore so gather your nearest and dearest, pack the car snacks and hit the road!


Eating and drinking for the season...

pressed earth juice cleanse seasonal local health wellness perth cold pressed

The autumn harvest is a bounty of colour, flavour and variety. It offers a mix of cooling late summer produce like watermelon, rockmelon and cucumber, and warming, earthy autumn/winter veg like pumpkin and squash. Autumn also provides the beautiful but short-season jewels like pomegranate and figs

Our autumn range is based around the seasonal harvest to ensure we press the freshest and best produce daily. Pressing seasonally also means we can source locally - to reduce our food miles and support other local businesses in our community. 

Because our juices are straight-up cold-pressed produce, with absolutely no additives or preservatives, the colour and taste varies depending on the produce of the day. Maybe your Strawberry Fields is pale pink colour today? It's because the strawberries were extra large, or the royal gala apples had a paler blush. Variety is what you get with real food! We don't add any colour or flavour stabilisers (like ascorbic acid) to our brews - what you see is what you get.


 Cleansing for balance and immunity...

pressed earth juice cleanse seasonal local health wellness perth cold pressed

The change of season is a perfect time to cleanse. As we transition from late summer heat into cooler weather, we cleanse to rebalance both the body and mind. The body; by eliminating toxins and giving our digestive system a much-needed break, and the mind; by resetting unhealthy eating habits that may have crept in over summer.

We also cleanse in autumn to prepare for colder months ahead and strengthen our immune system against the dreaded cold and flu season. A cleanse provides an abundance of easily-absorbed essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that boost our immunity.

Each season we introduce a new cleanse, tailored to support, repair and restore our bodies according to the season. Our autumn seasonal cleanse include immunity-boosting sources of Vitamin C (mandarin, lemon, orange) and Vitamin A (carrot), and antioxidant, anti-inflammatory superheros turmeric and ginger. Our autumn cleanse also includes autumn nuts for protein – essential for building healthy immune cells.

Our autumn cleanse features (shown above L-R):

  1. greens one: granny smith apple, kale, silverbeet, cos lettuce, cucumber, celery, lemon
  2. autumn one: mandarin, rockmelon, passionfruit
  3. autumn three: sweet potato, parsnip, carrot, orange, ginger, turmeric
  4. appetite: lemon, pear, cayenne, mineral water
  5. autumn two: watermelon, pomegranate, beetroot, cucumber
  6. autumn nuts: almonds, hazelnuts, mineral water, fig, bee pollen

pressed earth juice cleanse seasonal local health wellness perth cold pressed

 You can order your cleanse online here. We can deliver it to your door or you can collect it in-store. If you are outside the specified delivery areas on our website please contact us and we can arrange something for you.



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Pressed Staff