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Our top tips for a spring cleanse

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Spring is a popular time to start afresh with a juice cleanse, and if you're about to jump on the bandwagon but have never done a cleanse before, it can help to get informed about what to expect, and prepare so you get the most of our your cleanse. 

You can get information about cleanses here and here, and you can always drop by our Claremont shop and chat to our friendly staff.

There's a ton of good information out there, and once you're down with the nitty gritty, the next step is just to take the plunge! 

As experienced cleansers, we offer up our top tips for a successful cleanse - not only survive it, but get the maximum benefits from your cleanse.

1. Get into the cleansing mindframe

Get ready for your cleanse a couple of days before you start by preparing your mindset - think about why you want to cleanse and what you want to achieve from the process. Next, cut back on the nasties - basically anything refined, processed or packed with caffeine, sugar or salt - and switch to primarily plant-based whole foods. Staying properly hydrated is also important to get the process in motion; so drink lots of water and cut back on alcohol in the lead up to your cleanse. 

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Now's also a good time to plan for post-cleanse - what changes can you make to find more balance in your life? 

2.  Bring your co-pilot

Don't fly solo - tag your co-pilot! If it's your first time doing a cleanse, it's a lot more fun if you bring someone else along for the ride. Look out for one another and help keep each other on track during your cleanse. Do some activities together, meet for a juice - you won't feel like you have to stay shut up a home all day. If you live with others, it helps to get your partner or housemates get on board and cleanse with you. 

3. Be good to yourself 

A cleanse is something that nurtures you and your body. It's a process that supports repair and renewal; it's not meant to be torture! Remind yourself that you're doing something just for you and your health, and treat yourself to a beautiful restorative yoga class or a massage. 


For an at-home treatment to complement your cleanse, try dry skin brushing with a body brush before jumping in the shower. 5 minutes of dry brushing (in a gentle circular motion towards the heart) exfoliates the skin, boosts circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system - enhancing the detoxifying effects of your cleanse. 

An epsom salt bath is another easy way to get a little at home indulgence, encouraging deep relaxation as well as complimenting the detoxification process. Epsom salts have been used for centuries to stimulate detoxification, reduce inflammation and relieve stress. The sulfur draws impurities out of the skin, flushing out toxins from the body.

Add 2 cups of epsom salts to a warm bath and soak for 20 mins. 

4. Warm your nuts 

We always finish the day with a warmed nut mylk. When you've been on the juice all day, a little more texture and temperature can help change things up a bit.  We like to pour the warmed nut mylk from teapot and sip it from a favourite mug, to a bring a little ritual to the routine. 

Remember to heat your nut mylk very gently in a saucepan over low heat - don't let it boil. 

pressed earth nut mylk almond milk cold pressed seasonal cleanse juice

5. Restore the balance post-cleanse 

Beware old habits! Go easy on the days following your cleanse - stay hydrated and stick to fresh or lightly cooked plant-based wholefoods and gradually reintroduce other food types into your diet. Make new habits and embrace your life in balance! 

Our Spring Cleanse is now available - using the freshest, local, seasonal produce - get it online delivered to your door or drop by our Claremont shop to pick one up. 

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Pressed Staff