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July 19, 2016

Oh, baby, it's cold! The Perth winter has definitely up'ed the ante. And you know what that means? Unwanted colds, dry skin, the innate need to curl up in bed all day and often a decrease in our overall health. It is during these cold winter days that we are reaching for the buttery Danish with our breakfast or an extra coffee to warm up during the day. So naturally as we go a little extra on the treats, our bodies need the detox to help balance our immunity.

Remember everything in moderation is a good deal. A little treat, a little exercise, a relatively clean diet and a little back up to keep you going through these colder months. And we have your back and immunity in check with our winter cleanse with the inclusion of a comforting and nutritious bone broth by Slurp. This detoxifying and nutritious broth will help balance your digestive system, improve muscle and tissue regeneration, increase metabolism and immunity while also making your skin look super fresh on those cold, dry days.

Here are five benefits of bone broth:-

  1. Protects your joints - The protein found in our broth are a natural source of collagen. The collagen maintains strong bones and helps keep pressure off your joints.
  1. Good for your tummy - The minerals in bone broth help strengthen the gut lining and fighting food sensitivities. It is like preparing and compensating your body to allow for those extra treats… cos we all know we want a little sum’ sum’ extra when its cold. It also increases the growth of probiotics and good bacteria and supports healthy inflammation levels in the digestive tract, triple WIN!
  2. Maintains healthy skin - Who doesn't love healthy and glowing skin especially after the drying effects of the winter breeze. You may have also guessed that collagen found in the bone broth is equivalent if not better than the collagen accredited by many skin care brands! It is the golden rule of ‘you are what you eat'. So if you are looking to naturally reduce wrinkles, puffiness, signs of ageing and cellulite through your diet then get on the bone broth wagon!
  3. Immune system and health metabolism increase - Bone broth benefits extend throughout the body; strengthening intestinal and gut lining, increasing healthy tissue buildup, helping in the recovery of body dysfunctions and a boost of antioxidant minerals that all help with better immunity and metabolism for long term benefits.
  4. Boosts detoxification - During winter the body can have a hard time to keep up with detoxifying what the toxins that the body intakes from the environment (pesticides, artificial ingredients and chemicals). Bone broth is considered a powerful detoxification agent that helps the digestive system expel waste and promotes the liver's ability to remove toxins, making it the perfect edition to our Winter Cleanse!

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