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Custom Cleanse

Create your own daily juice pack or cleanse

To create a custom cleanse, made up of the juices you love - head over to here and make your selection. If you are having a bit of a struggle to work out exactly what you want, flick us an email at thefullbottle@pressedearth.com.au and we will hook you up.
As a rough guide, here is the cleanse format we suggest:
Juice 1: Green
Juice 2: Fruit
Juice 3: Green
Juice 4: Citrus
Juice 5: Roots
Juice 6: Nuts
Because this is a fully customised cleanse, the price will be calculated at the shopping cart stage when you check out. 
Other Cleanses
Three juices alongside light and healthy meals

Not the traditional liquid cleanse, but this combination gives your body the nutritional boost it often needs. Enjoy your three Pressed Earth juices, plenty of water and eat light, healthy meals to balance out your day.

1. greens one: for everyday
2. greens four: for repair
3. alphabet: for circulation
    $26.00/ day
    More info
    Our traditional liquid cleanse

    Our classic cleanse is the perfect cleanse to reset your system and jump start a new healthier regime whilst nourishing your body.

    1. greens one: for everyday
    2. the jungle: for electrolytes
    3. greens two: for antioxidants
    4. appetite: for hunger
    5. alphabet: for circulation 
    6. cacao nuts: for healthy indulgence
      $52.00/ day
      More info
      An extra juice for the more active

      Want more than before? We've added an extra juice to keep you feeling full and revitalised throughout the day.

      1. greens one: for everyday
      2. the jungle: for electrolytes
      3. greens two: for antioxidants
      4. appetite: for hunger
      5. greens one: for everyday
      6. alphabet: for circulation
      7. cacao nuts: for healthy indulgence
        $60.00/ day
        More info