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Autumn is the deep breath that follows summer, a time to restore and replenish what has been depleted. 

Our perfectly balanced and gentle cleanse for this transitional season is the leg-up you need to:

🍂 give your digestive system a much needed break to combat bloating

🍂 discard habits that are no longer serving you and restore your boundaries

🍂 get better quality shut-eye

🍂 emerge with energy and clarity

🍂 fire up your immune system response

Featuring an all-star line up of some incredible flavours, packed with seasonal fruits and veggies rich in vitamins A and C to support immune function. Grapefruit is the hero ingredient, low in calories and high in nutrients to cleanse, detoxify and repair. 

Cleanse Details

6 x juices per day (467ml)

We recommend consuming your juices in this order:

1. ginger zing: zucchini, green apple, ginger, mixed greens, lemon, spirulina

2. flame tree: carrot, grapefruit, red apple, sweet potato, lemon, cinnamon

3. appetite: lemon, pear, cayenne, mineral water

4. alphabet: pink lady apple, beetroot, carrot, lemon, ginger

5. the beach: watermelon, grapefruit, orange

6. jaffa nuts: almonds, filtered water, dates cacao, orange, sea salt

5 Day Cleanses

All 5 Day Cleanses include a BONUS pack of Immunity Shots (valued at $27.00) 

🚚 5 Day Cleanses come in two deliveries (or collections) to ensure you get the freshest juice. Please click here for more details on the delivery schedule.