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About Us

Meet the brothers

That's Tom and that's James. 

Together, they founded Pressed Earth and run it today. Put simply, they are two outdoorsy, entrepreneurial guys who agree that raw and cold pressed is the only way to go (regarding juice that is).

Creating something convenient, natural and honest that actually enhances daily life was a no brainer. So, teaming up with a couple of nutritionists, they got to work on developing juice that suits a balanced lifestyle.

Pressed Earth

Pressed Earth is a movement in moderation - founded on two brother's belief that we should seek balance in our lives. Whether it's getting back to basics or making time to just breathe - each one of us has to find our own sense of balance.

We take pride in our responsible juicing process - all of our juices are made with fresh local ingredients, cold-pressed in a refrigerated room and unpasteurised to maintain the essential vitamins, minerals, micronutrients and antioxidants that nature provides.