About Us

The Company

Pressed Earth was founded in 2013 with a vision to create better juice for the people of Perth. 

Growing up, we had freshly squeezed fruit and veggie juice on the kitchen bench every morning. We wanted to continue this tradition for people living busy lives, by creating something incredibly fresh, nutritious and tasty, but also incredibly convenient.

Driven by the philosophy that life should be lived in balance and moderation, we had a vision of creating something that was natural and honest, but also enhanced daily life. Afterall, why should making a healthier choice mean compromising on taste or convenience?

Fuelled by this idea, we worked alongside a nutritionist to create a range of nutrient-rich, natural brews that spoke to our philosophy, with Pressed Earth rising to become Perth’s premium provider of raw cold-pressed juices.

The Juices

Our range now includes over 40 delicious brews. Each flavour carefully crafted from local, seasonal produce to provide specific health benefits. We move with the seasons, so some of our products are available all year while others are only around for a season.

Our juices are 100% natural, using only real fruits and veggies with no additives to maintain the essential vitamins, minerals, micronutrients and antioxidants of the fresh produce. All Pressed Earth juices are cold-pressed, preservative free, completely raw, vegan, gluten-free and unpasteurised, with no added anything.

Every Pressed Earth juice is made to order. So you get the freshest, tastiest juice with the most nutrients. 

Our Commitment

As a business, we are fully committed to responsible and sustainable practices,  using recycable materials and making use of our waste. By using local seasonal ingredients, we not only support local businesses and receive the freshest produce possible, but low transportation means we also reduce our environmental impact.

Our brews come in recyclable glass jars and bottles, most of which are returned by our awesome customers to be washed, sterilised and reused for the next round (and the next). You can read more about our reuse program here

Most of our organic waste (the fruit and veg pulp leftover from the juicing process) is provided to a Perth Hills farmer who feeds it to his herd of Highland Cows. As natural by-product of the juicing process, this is a highly nutritious and sustainable way to feed livestock. The rest of our organic waste is recycled into fertiliser by a WA family-owned company. Through these initiatives, we divert around 300 tonnes of waste from landfill every year.

Our Stockists

Pressed Earth juice is available to buy at Perth’s leading food retailers and supermarkets –  hang out with us on Instagram to find out where and click here for wholesale inquiries. You’ll also find our juice at our favourite cafes and restaurants around Perth.

Our Community

We’re proud to support some awesome organisations doing incredible work in our local community.

Pressed Earth has supported Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe since 2020. Each year we keep thousands of school kids, guests, art-lovers, staff and volunteers fuelled with fresh juice throughout the exhibition.

Ocean Heroes is a local organisation doing amazing work providing opportunities for people on the Autism spectrum to build confidence through learning to surf (6000 people and counting!). Pressed Earth is a proud supporter of Ocean Heroes and sponsor its iconic annual 24 hour swim. 

Luke Kelsey, Zoe Kelsey, Tom Beare, James Beare