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New to cleansing? Here's some general advice to point you in the right direction. Remember, we are always here to help at thefullbottle@pressedearth.com.au.

Cleanse Stages


The most important step is to think about why you want to cleanse, to get yourself mentally prepared and excited for the process. Next you should start cutting back on the bad stuff - basically anything refined, processed or packed with caffeine, sugar or salt. Staying properly hydrated is key to get the process in motion; so drink lots of water and cut back on alcohol in the lead up to your cleanse.


Drinking pressed juice is the obvious part, as it's a way to jam-pack your body with plant based nutrients. Drink the juices at normal meal times and about two hours either side. Also try to drink plenty of water between juices. Herbal tea is another great option, just remember to stay away from dairy and sugar.

If you're getting to the point where it feels too much or you're tempted to sneak in a treat or two then get outdoors, catch up with friends and be active - casual walks, yoga and meditation are great ways to relax your mind and stay focused.

Feeling hungry is natural, but don't worry, you're not starving your body as our juice is full of the right nutrients. Embrace the cleanse - let your body release the bad stuff and it'll be completely worth it in the end.


Don't fall in to the trap of thinking, ok my cleanse is done, I can go back to my old habits! Instead of gobbling down the things that made you crave a cleanse in the first place, try to identify pitfalls, stick to fresh wholesome foods, listen to your body and gradually start transitioning into your new balance.

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Cleanse FAQs

Cleanse FAQs

Still can't find what you're after? Read more FAQs about cleansing.

What if I want to order a cleanse longer than 3 days?
Our raw juice lasts approximately 96 hours from pressing, this means we are only able to provide up to 3 days worth of juice at any one time. A cleanse longer than 3 days requires more than one delivery of juice and therefore requires more than one online order. For more on our delivery T&Cs press here.

Why and when should I do a cleanse?
At Pressed Earth we believe that a cleanse helps you get back on track if you are feeling a little out of balance. The juices provide an easy way for your body to absorb the nutrients in fresh fruit and vegetables; whilst giving your digestive system a rest and your body a chance to flush out impurities. It's also a great way to learn how your body reacts to a plant based diet.

What results can I expect from a cleanse?
There are many benefits of doing a cleanse, such as feeling lighter and more energetic, but at Pressed Earth we believe that most rewarding aspect of a juice cleanse is learning more about yourself and how your body responds to a diet of fresh fruit and vegetables. Think of a cleanse as a stepping stone.

Who can do a cleanse?
Almost anyone who is looking to grab a hold of their life and start feeling the way they should feel! We do not advise pregnant women, lactating women or children to partake in cleansing. As with most things, if you have any doubts you should consult your doctor first. 

How do I customise my cleanse?
If you would like to hand pick your juices simply browse our juice menu and select your juices. Let’s assume you are looking to create something similar to our 3 day classic cleanse (6 juices per day) you’ll need to order 18 juices in total. You can choose your delivery date in the cart page. If you are new to juice cleansing we suggest you follow the classic cleanse daily structure of two greens and one of each fruits, roots, citrus and nuts.

What should I do with my empty bottles?
We would love to see your bottles re-used. We offer a 50c store credit for every bottle returned to our Claremont store. Alternatively, you can return your bottles to Leederville IGA or The Good Grocer in Applecross. Returning bottles means we can reduce our impact on the environment, and recycling helps our commitment to sustainable juicing. 

Don't our bodies cleanse naturally?
They certainly do - but in the crazy world we live in they struggle to keep up, which is why a cleanse does wonders to support our digestive systems when they need it most.

In what order should I drink my juices?
We include a suggested order with our cleanses, based on what works for us. We also believe that a bit of spontaneity never hurt anyone - so feel free to mix it up and let us know what works best for you.

Can I do a cleanse while on medication or antibiotics?
Possibly - but run it past your doctor first to make sure, as some medication requires food to improve absorption.

Will I feel deprived of anything, light-headed or sick during the cleanse?
Your body is getting the nourishment it needs from the juice, but everyone responds differently to cleansing and you may feel light-headed or have a headache as you adjust to the change.

Can I exercise during the cleanse?
Absolutely, a light sweat can help you eliminate toxins, but don't overdo it. Yoga is also a great option as it clears your mind as well as relaxing your body.

How often can I cleanse?
Monthly, quarterly or ad hoc - it's completely up to you, just listen to your body and remember that having a juice as part of your daily routine is a great way to maintain balance.

What happens if I want to eat solid food?
You are very likely to experience cravings - but a big part of this is habit - especially when socialising and smelling wafts of aromatic food, which gets your taste buds going. This is where mind over matter comes in - stay focused so that you can really enjoy the benefits of the cleanse.

Can I still smoke/drink during the cleanse?
We hope you know the answer to this one!

Shouldn't I be consuming fibre?
During a cleanse we want to give your body a real break and let it focus on detoxing and healing... extra fibre is just something else for it to digest and think about. Keep things simple and stick to the juice.

Where will I get my protein?
From the vegetables in our juice. Have a look at the nutritional information on each bottle if you're still sceptical.

Should I take my daily vitamins(s)?
Nope - there are more than enough in all our juices. Find your balance naturally.