What is cold-pressed?

Cold-pressed juice is juice in its purest and healthiest form. Centrifugal juicers like those commonly used in kitchens and cafes use rapidly spinning metal blades to separate the juice from the pulp, with fast speeds generating a lot of heat and allowing oxygen to enter. This process destroys some of the beneficial enzymes and reduces the quality of nutrients found in the juice, while wasting large yields of valuable pulp.

In contrast, cold-pressed juice is made using a hydraulic press, squeezing juice slowly from the fruit or vegetable to extract a higher quantity of juice that maintains its nutrient quality and retains its natural goodness for longer. Cold-pressed juice not only contains more vitamins and minerals and is better for you, but is more vibrant, colourful and tastes better than traditional juice.

At Pressed Earth, we individually cold press each of our fruit and vegetable ingredients and then carefully pour them by hand to create our complex and nutritional brews. This unique process ensures our juices are of the highest quality and maintain as much flavour and colour consistency as possible, while getting that extra bit of love.

What do you mean by “raw” and “unpasteurised”?

When we say our juices are raw and unpasteurised, we mean they are 100% natural, with no added sweeteners, flavours, preservatives or chemicals and do not go through the pasteurisation process that damages the nutritional value of the juice.

Pasteurisation is where certain foods and drinks go through a rapid heat treatment before being immediately cooled down. This process destroys harmful pathogens and bacteria and makes products safe for consumption, but it also kills lots of the good bacteria found in fruit and vegetable juice. By avoiding this process, our cold-pressed brews retain all of their natural vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and beneficial bacteria.

Are your juices organic?

Our juice is not 100% organic. We source our produce locally to support WA growers and businesses. While this means we can’t always get organic, we do get the freshest seasonal produce and minimise our transport impact.

Can I drink you juices while pregnant?

We thoroughly wash and clean all the fruits and vegetables that go into our cold-pressed juices, but as our juices are raw and unpasteurised you should consult with your doctor if you are pregnant before consuming. We advise against extreme juicing or cleansing during pregnancy.

Why does my juice separate?

Separation is a natural part of the cold pressing process. We don’t use any heat or preservatives in our juices, so parts of the juice will settle at the bottom of the jar depending on the density of the ingredients. This is totally normal for raw juices – just give your jar a good shake before opening and the juice will remix perfectly.

How long will my juice last?

Your juice will have the use-by date stamped on the lid, and when properly refrigerated it should last for five days, although it’s best to drink them as soon as possible after opening for maximum freshness. All our juices are raw and unpasteurised, so it’s essential to keep them cold to maintain their quality and nutrient value.

What about the sugar in juice?

Unlike the processed juices found in supermarkets which are often packed with refined sugars and offer very little nutritional value, our raw cold-pressed juices contain only the natural sugars and nutrients found in the fruits and vegetables that go into them. When consuming our cold-pressed juices, you’ll enjoy the same living enzymes, nutrients and antioxidants as you would when eating the fruit or vegetable in its pure form, with the same amount of natural sugars.

Why cleanse?

A cleanse, also known as a detox, can be a great way to get your body on track towards a healthier lifestyle. Whether you’re feeling out of balance, trying to break old habits or need a boost to kick-start healthy weight loss, a cleanse gives your digestive system a chance to rest and helps your body flush out toxins and impurities.

We’re surrounded by pollutants, chemicals and impurities on a daily basis, and all these harmful toxins can wreak havoc on our livers and immune systems. A cleanse can help boost your body’s natural detoxification system, speed up your metabolism, nourish your body, lift your energy levels and help establish healthier habits.

Pressed Earth juices provide an easy and convenient way for your body to enjoy the health benefits of a cleanse while still getting the essentials nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants found in fresh fruit and vegetables.

Can anyone cleanse?

While cleansing can have some incredible health benefits, it may not be suitable for everyone. We do not recommend cleansing to pregnant or breastfeeding women or children. People with medical conditions or taking medications are advised to check with a doctor before starting a cleanse.

What results can I expect from a cleanse?

A cleanse can have a significant improvement on your overall health, energy levels, mood and physical appearance. You may notice clearer skin and eyes, less bloating, a feeling of lightness and even weight loss. At Pressed Earth, we believe the greatest benefit is the stepping stone to a healthier and more balanced lifestyle, giving you the chance to rethink the foods you put into your body and how these may affect the way you feel. Cleansing can help you break old habits, establish new routines, kick unhealthy cravings and reduce dependency on saturated fats, refined carbohydrates and processed foods.

What about side-effects, how will I feel?

Everybody reacts differently when doing a cleanse, but common side effects can include headaches, feeling light headed, fatigue, nausea and cravings. These are all normal, temporary symptoms as your body goes through the detoxification process and will go away as your body adjusts to its healthier state. Our juices contain all the nutrients and enzymes your body needs during this time, so you’ll still be getting the vitamins and minerals you need as your system eliminates all that waste.

How often should I cleanse?

You can cleanse as often or as infrequently as you like. Some people like to do a cleanse at the change of season, once a month or even a day a week. Others may do a cleanse from time to time whenever they feel they need to reset. The trigger to start a cleanse is when you’re feeling out of balance, lethargic, sluggish or bloated, or if you’re just ready for a change and looking to embrace some healthier diet and lifestyle choices.

We’re all different, so listen to your body and remember that adding cold-pressed juice to your daily routine is a great way to maintain balance without having to commit to a full cleanse.

What should I do before and after cleansing?

The optimal cleansing process begins before the actual cleanse itself, with a few pre-cleanse preparations and some post-cleanse recommendations to help you get the most out of your investment in your health. Head to our learn page for more information.

In what order should I drink my juice?

The order you drink your juices in is not essential. Based on our own personal experience, we include a suggested order in all of our cleanses, but you are free to mix this up as much as you like. If there’s a certain order that works for you, we’d love to hear it.

What should I do with my empty jars?

You can thoroughly rinse and return your empties to our Claremont Shop and earn points towards your next purchase in store. Read more about our rewards program here. However we don't accept the lids - please rinse and place these with your usual household recycling. Our jars also make for nifty storage of seeds/nuts/grains (#pantrygoals) and cute little planters (try a cutting of Devils Ivy in water). 

What else can I have?

To get the most benefit from your cleanse program, we recommend avoiding food, alcohol and caffeine. You may feel hungry, especially on the first day, and food might be hard to resist. Stay focused and keep going, you’ve got this! Rest assured that our brews offer all the essential vitamins and minerals you need for this short period. Drinking your juice approximately every two hours, with plenty of water and herbal tea in between should help to keep the hunger at bay.

However if you feel like you must eat, we suggest sticking with something light and healthy like raw or steamed vegetables, seeds or a clear veggie broth. 

We recommend drinking plenty of water during your cleanse, as staying hydrated is incredibly important and supports the detoxification process. Herbal tea is also a good addition to any cleanse.

Can I exercise while cleansing?

Movement is important while cleansing, and a light sweat can even assist with the detoxification process. Keep in mind that your body is going through a lot and your energy levels may be low, so take it a little easy. A long walk, swim or gentle yoga class is ideal – we recommend you avoid any high intensity cardio or strength work during a cleanse.

Do you deliver to my area?

We offer doorstep delivery to homes and offices around Perth 4 days a week. Pop your postcode into the banner or on the Cart page to make sure we deliver to your area. 

I’m outside your delivery area – can I still order?

If you’re outside of our delivery area, we have several locations where you can collect your order. Click here to find out where. Our juice is also available at leading supermarkets, food retailers, cafes and restaurants around Perth. Come be mates with us on Instagram for all the latest info on where to find our juices.

What if I’m not at home?

If you’re not home to receive your delivery in person or if your delivery is before 6am, your juice will be left in a location of the driver’s discretion and we’ll send a text message to advise where it has been left. Please read our terms and conditions for more details.

Do you do juices for parties and events?

Yes! We offer a range of serving options and flavours to cater for parties and private events, no matter the size. Our ready-to-order party packs are ideal for bridal showers, kids’ parties, store openings, sports events, yoga retreats and corporate events. If you have a larger event, hit us up at thefullbottle@pressedearth.com.au (or via details on our contacts page) to discuss your event.

Is your juice available wholesale?

Our juice is available at Perth’s leading food retailers and supermarkets, as well as some of the best cafes and restaurants around town. We offer single serve or bulk juice products in a range of flavours. Visit our wholesale page for more information or drop us a line. 

Got more questions? We can chat online or flick your enquiry through to thefullbottle@pressedearth.com.au.