Juice Party Pack


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A fresh and healthy alternative for your next kids party, baby shower or business event.

We've combined a selection of our favourite flavours in petite 250ml glass bottles. This pack of crowd-pleasers is perfect for your next party or function. Made fresh to order.

Free delivery is included. 

20 x 250ml pack includes:

5 x Vitamin See, 5 x Strawberry Fields, 5 x Alphabet and 5 x Ginger Zing

40 x 250ml pack includes:

10 x Vitamin See, 10 x Strawberry Fields, 10 x Alphabet and 10 x Ginger Zing

60 x 250ml pack includes:

15 x Vitamin See, 15 x Strawberry Fields, 15 x Alphabet and 15 x Ginger Zing


Vitamin See | orange, lemon, carrot, ginger

Strawberry Fields | strawberry, pineapple, red apple

Alphabet | apple, beetroot, carrot, lemon, ginger

Ginger zing | zucchini, green apple, ginger, mixed greens, lemon, spirulina 


We also have a mixed case of Seasonal Orange and Seasonal Apple here