5 Day Celery Pack


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pure celery 

5 x 467ml

It's your Monday to Friday celery. Freshly made, neatly packed and delivered. No mess, no fuss. 

If you experience bloating, sluggish bowels, skin breakouts, low energy even after a good night's sleep... a tall glass of celery juice each morning could be the game changer you need. 

A regular jar of this humble-but-hard-working vegetable can help to: 

🌿 Reduce bloating
🌿 Improve digestion
🌿 Reduce inflammation
🌿 Deeply hydrate 
🌿 Flush toxins from the body
🌿 Improve skin conditions

Our celery is fresh cut from the farm in Gin Gin. 

Devotees recommend straight-up celery first thing in the morning, about 20-30 mins before eating.  


Best for:

  • Everyday

Produce grown in:

  • Gin Gin, WA

cold-pressed | raw | 100% natural | no added anything | local produce | handmade in Perth